Things You Need To Know (Seven Most Embarrassing Wig Mistakes)

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If you’ve never worn a wig before, or you’ve only worn a wig a couple of times and you don’t take the time to properly find out how to wear your wig. you'll be making one among these common mistakes.

We want to form sure that you’re getting to have a positive experience wearing your wigs, so you’re getting to want to form sure you’re not making these mistakes.

Here are the seven most embarrassing mistakes, along side the way to fix them.

1. Not Pinning Down or Wrapping Up Your Hair
You want your wig to be as undetectable as possible. If you don’t pin your hair down, your wig will presumably look puffy on your head an unnatural.

2. isolating an excessive amount of Lace from a Lace Front OR Wearing your wig too far down on your forehead
To ensure that the wig looks natural you’re getting to want the lace to be visible at the part instead of along the hairline. Same thing if you’re not wearing a lacefront, you would like the wig to start out all along your natural hairline then let the bangs or front of the wig go from there.

3. Adding No Product To Your Wig
A common misconception is that you’re not alleged to wash or add any product to your wigs. you would like to feature SOME PRODUCT TO YOUR WIG! this is often a necessity. Since wigs don't produce natural oils you are doing need to add some products which will keep your wig soft, healthy looking and in fine condition .

4. Seeking Perfection
Ever heard the old saying nature doesn’t make a line . Well your hairline isn’t perfectly straight, and no one’s hair ever looks completely perfect. In fact, once you see someone with an ideal looking wig, it oftentimes doesn’t look great.

Don’t attempt to make your wig look perfect, just attempt to make your wig look as natural as possible on both your hairline and on your head!

5. Using the incorrect Wig Adhesives OR Wig Glue
When using glue or adhesives to secure your wigs or pieces you would like to form sure that the adhesives dry clear. a number of them leave residue that appears pretty unattractive when seen and draws attention to your wig. a number of them leave shine also , which stays on your forehead and also makes your wig look unnatural.

Make sure to seem at reviews for the wig adhesive, to form sure that you simply won’t have any of those issues.

6. Not Matching Textures & Styles
When you wear a wig that's not an equivalent texture or within the same style as your natural hair, it's getting to look uneven and mismatched. When you’re wearing a wig with a special texture from your natural hair styling your hair is really very difficult.
If your hair is straight and soft, pick a wig that’s straight and soft. If your hair is coarse and curly pick a wig that’s coarse and curly. You get the image .

7. Not Securing Your Wig
Sometimes people don't properly secure their wig and it either falls off or it starts shifting. Any wig wearer knows that there’s nothing more scary than thinking your wig goes to fall off.
Make sure to use the combs in your wig, or use bobby pins to secure your wig.

If you'll avoid doing this stuff , you are going to be in perfect shape!

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