3 Ways You Can Tame Flyaways on a Wig

Flyaways on a wig can come from the threading process and may be exacerbated by static electricity, dryness or frizz. The ways to deal with these annoying hairs vary depending on what type of wig you wear, but we assure you that our top tips below include something for everyone!



1. Washing Your Wig

When attempting to tame flyaways on a wig, sometimes the simplest answer is the most effective. Washing your wig with the right products can refresh it and help with retaining its style. Once you’ve finished washing, make sure you comb the wig rather than brushing it and wait until it is dry or very nearly to do so. 

2. Using the Right Products

Using products designed for wigs will help you flatten your flyaways with the added benefits of providing a gorgeous scent and extra shine. 

3. Using Heat  required

Heat is one way to get rid of flyaways, but you shouldn't use it to tame flyaway synthetic hair unless you’re sure that the wig is heat-resistant. Even then, it is important to continue to exercise caution and only use low heat to avoid any damage to your wig. If you choose to go down this route, try putting your hairdryer on a very low setting and gently moving it over the stray hairs.


Want to make sure you’re looking after your wig correctly? Check out our care guides for synthetic and human hair wigs.

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