How To Wash Your Lace Wig While Taking a Shower

Sometimes you've got to wear the human hair wig for several days when you're out on a business trip or a vacation vacation. you do not want to or haven't any time to use your lace wig every morning but you would like to stay your hair clean, so you would like to scrub your lace wig while keeping it on your head.

But remember to be more careful to scrub your lace wig than you'd be while washing your own natural hair.

First, make certain that the adhesive--whether that’s glue, tape, clips or a mixture of all three--is still securely on your head which there’s no peel-up, especially around your edges. If your wig is already beginning to come off, washing it while on your head isn't a wise option.

Second, remember of the length of your natural hair. If your natural hair underneath your wig is merely an in. or two long, it'll dry quickly. However, if your natural hair is long, then it'll take an extended time to properly dry under your wig. Keep this in mind.

Third, within the shower, tip your head back and gently wet it. you usually want the water to be flowing down from the rear of your head, because that's gentler on your bonds, especially within the front. If you stand facing the shower in order that the water directly hits your wig, the water may pull them loose.

Lather your hair very gently employing a shampoo created especially for wigs or a shampoo made for fragile hair (a shampoo for color-treated hair works especially well therein regard). you simply need one wash so as to get rid of the oils and therefore the perspiration that has built up over the past several days.

Tips: Unlike you'd together with your natural hair, don't intensely scrub the roots or work your fingers deeply into the hair, otherwise you may loosen the wig.

Rinse gently, again with the water running down the rear of your neck. Feel together with your fingers to form sure that each one of the shampoos are out.

After your shower, gently pat your hair dry. Check the bond to ascertain if it’s still tight or if it’s begun to return loose. The adhesive may need turned white within the shower, but you’ll know when you’re done drying your hair because the adhesive will turn clear again. Or once you want to travel out, you'll glue the lace again to form sure it's secure.

Spray it with a special leave-in created for wigs. The spray is lighter than a cream, which can weigh the hair down. Then, from the edges and dealing toward the bond, detangle the wig with a brush from your ends to your roots. Re-clip or re-glue any parts of the wig that have begun to return loose. Finally, use a wide-tooth comb to fluff the wig up and blow-dry it to diffuse it.

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