Can I wear a wig if I have already got long thick hair?

Can I wear a wig if I have already got long thick hair, and that i don't want to dye or heat my very own hair?

The answer is, "Of course you can!"

And a simple way is simply to tie your own hair and do a coffee bun round the neck and wear an elastic wig cap or net to form everything stays in situ .

Tips of wearing a glueless full lace wig with natural-looking:

1. Cut the lace as on the brink of the hairline as you'll without actually cutting the hairline.

2. Preparing your natural hair under the wig, make it as flat as possible.

3. Smooth your edges by edge control.

4. Wear a wig cap to form sure everything stays in situ .

5. Part the wig to form sure it matches your natural hair part.

6. flatten the wig top to form it look natural.

7. Take a skin-colored eyeshadow or foundation and put it along the part in order that it matches your complexion , and therefore the hair knots on the wig came bleached.

8. Style your wig with a flat iron, a home appliance or cut some layers if you'll .

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